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Started back in 1996, The Health Emporium is still a family owned and run local business with the aim of to providing as much variety and choice as possible for all things organic, wholesome and healthful. The Health Emporium offers organic fresh fruit and vegetables, an organic cafe/juice bar, natural cosmetics, vitamins & herbal supplements (including practitioner only products and in-store naturopaths), organic chicken and meats, wild-caught fish, sourdough breads, organic dairy products and cheeses, baby products, natural cleaning products, organic bone broths, fermented/probiotic foods, and a wide range of groceries and bulk foods.

Our cafe offers a large selection of locally famous superfood smoothies, classic fresh juices and nourishing hot bone broth. Choose from a carefully selected raw and sugar free sweet treats and cakes. Don’t forget Cocowhip, an organic coconut based vegan soft serve ice cream without all the nasties!

The Health Emporium
Recent Recipes

Salted Caramel Apples

There is nothing more delicious than a salted caramel apple on a sunny autumnal day and this healthy, super easy homemade version, using gorgeous new season organic apples, is just the perfect synergy of buttery caramel and crisp apple with a hint of saltiness.  They will undoubtedly be the most popular treat at any children’s…


Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

There is nothing quite as delicious as creamy, luscious homemade ice cream to serve in summertime when friends are coming over.  Though do-it-yourself ice cream does take some time to make every gorgeously velvet mouthful is certainly worth it and you will you know your ice cream is super fresh, made with only the very best…


Salmon and Asparagus Salad

This gorgeous salad recipe is from a wonderful cookbook we sell at The Health Emporium called Good Life Great Food by Judy Phillips. It is filled with simple, healthy and delicious recipes designed to share with loved ones and stunning photography designed to inspire anyone in the kitchen.  All of the profits from this book…

Recent Health Emporium News & Events

Top 10 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Inflammation is part of the body’s natural immune response, without it we can’t heal, but  like most things when it becomes out of control it can be damaging.  The immune system attacks anything in the body that it recognises as foreign – this particular process is called inflammation. However, sometimes inflammation persists even when you…


Get to know – Imbibe Water Kefir

Our stomachs are constantly busy doing so much work for us; they are responsible for breaking down food, absorbing the useful nutrients and energy and getting rid of the waste.  When we have tummy issues it can ruin our whole day, attitude and overall mood.  Gut health is one of the keys to overall wellness…


Top 10 Foods for Beautifully Glowing Skin

Beautiful skin starts with nourishment from within – we all need to eat the right balance of foods to feed our skin the vital nutrients it requires to help stay soft, radiant and blemish-free.  While everyone’s skin type, digestive system and immune system function differently, there are a few basic guidelines to follow when it…

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Gjelina - Book of the Week

Book of the Week

Just how much we love spirulina, we love our books on raw cooking, organic living, superfoods and a tiny dose of the healthy celebrity culture.

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Beauty of the Month

From lip tints to toothpaste, you have to give some love to yourself every now and then as well. This is our favourite of the month – all natural and organic, but of course!

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Product of the Week

Featuring a new product every week, that’s making the walls of the shop go ‘gaga’ over its beauty and deliciousness. Come back every week to see what’s new at The Health Emporium.

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