Fennel Frond Pesto

I love cooking with fennel but for years have been searching for a delicious way to use the plentiful beautiful green fronds that top them. With their lovely sweet aniseed flavour it seems such a waste to throw them away. This pesto is such a wonderful way of using up those fennel tops and is…


Miso Caramel Slice

We are very excited to have a guest recipe today from the lovely Meagan from Meru Miso. If you haven’t yet tried Meru’s range of organic, Australian-made, small-batch products you should as they are incredibly delicious as well as a powerhouse of prebiotics, probiotic bacteria and enzymes. Using Meru Sweet White Miso in this caramel…


Flu Fighting Elixir

Ward off colds and flus this winter with this easily prepared nurturing tonic. Bone broth is a magic potion filled with immune-boosting vitamins and minerals, as well as powerful gut-healing properties. A healthy gut, with a wealth of good bacteria, is a key aspect of optimal immune function. Ginger and turmeric are both anti-inflammatory and antiseptic,…


Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Muffins

Apples so just good at this time of year, the ultimate autumnal fruit, so it is a great idea to find as many ways to enjoy them as you can. These delicious muffins are free from grains, gluten and refined-sugar, as well as paleo friendly. Fragrant with spices and moist with delicious organic apple, you…


Roasted Spanish Fish

Fish is wonderfully nutritious, such a great source of vitamin d, protein and omega 3 fatty acids, benefiting your brain, heart, skin and hair and reducing inflammation your the body.  Consume wild-caught seafood twice a week to reap these health-giving advantages. A whole fish is so flavoursome and easy to cook but if you prefer…


Spiced Walnut and Orange Cake

This luscious Spiced Walnut and Orange Cake, fragrant with the beautiful Middle Eastern flavours of cinnamon, pistachios, walnuts and orange, has a lovely crunchy nut topping and is bathed in a spiced syrup, making it gorgeously moist.

It is gluten free, grain free, refined-sugar free as well as Paleo friendly



Salted Caramel Apples

There is nothing more delicious than a salted caramel apple on a sunny autumnal day and this healthy, super easy homemade version, using gorgeous new season organic apples, is just the perfect synergy of buttery caramel and crisp apple with a hint of saltiness.  They will undoubtedly be the most popular treat at any children’s…


Roasted Strawberry Ice Cream

There is nothing quite as delicious as creamy, luscious homemade ice cream to serve in summertime when friends are coming over.  Though do-it-yourself ice cream does take some time to make every gorgeously velvet mouthful is certainly worth it and you will you know your ice cream is super fresh, made with only the very best…


Salmon and Asparagus Salad

This gorgeous salad recipe is from a wonderful cookbook we sell at The Health Emporium called Good Life Great Food by Judy Phillips. It is filled with simple, healthy and delicious recipes designed to share with loved ones and stunning photography designed to inspire anyone in the kitchen.  All of the profits from this book…


Spicy Spanish Mussels

This tasty dish is so easy to prepare and makes both a quick and delicious mid-week dinner or a great dish to share when you have friends over. If making it for children you can always reduce the amount of chilli. Mussels are a nutritional powerhouse – a wonderful source of omega-3 fatty acids, protein, zinc,…


Pea, Mint and Goat’s Cheese Fritters

Deliciously more-ish these little green fritters are simple to make, flavoursome, wholesome and so very versatile as they can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even as as snack.  Any leftovers make wonderful lunchbox additions.  For these patties I have used a soft goat’s milk fetta but other cheeses such as haloumi, ricotta or…


Middle Eastern Spiced Roast Chicken

You’ll just love this chicken dish with its beautifully fragrant Middle Eastern spices and herbs it is sure to become a family favourite. Butterflying the chicken reduces the cooking time and is such an easy thing to do, while slow roasting the bird not only results in the most flavoursome and succulent chicken it is…


Persian Love Cake

This Persian Love Cake, gorgeously fragrant with beautiful Middle Eastern spices, is moist, delicious and so very easy to prepare. It is grain and gluten free and a lot less sweet than most versions. You will need a 23-25cm springform cake tin for this recipe. This recipe is adapted from Gerard Yaxley’s Persian Love Cake…


Salmon Patties

With lots of fresh herbs and lemon these salmon patties are filled to the brim with flavour and will quickly become a family favourite as kids just love them. They are simple to prepare, leftovers make for wonderful lunches and they also freeze beautifully. They can be made with tinned or fresh wild salmon, or…


Slow Roasted Herbed Chicken

Gentle slow cooking results in the most succulent, moist and tender chicken you’ve ever tried, with lots of fragrant fresh herbs flavouring the chicken beautifully. It is so very simple to cook – just pop in a low oven and baste every now and then. At The Health Emporium we sell organic free-range chicken sourced…


Flourless Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

This cake is based on a gorgeous Italian cake called Torta Gianduia. Rich with the beautiful flavours of hazelnuts and chocolate, and garnished with a raw chocolate icing and a crunchy hazelnut topping, it is amazingly moist and indulgently delicious, while not overly sweet. It is gluten free, grain free, refined sugar free as well…


Coconut Chicken Laksa

This deliciously fresh and spicy laksa recipe should come with a warning – once tasted you will crave it all the time and your family and friends will be asking you to make it again and again! You can make a larger batch of the laksa paste and keep it in the fridge for up…


Crunchy Macadamaia Cookies

These lovely biscuits, free from grains and refined sugars, make the perfectly delicious and healthy accompaniment to a gorgeous pot of your favourite tea. So quick and easy to make, they are filled with the beautiful goodness of activated nuts, coconut, pastured butter, and just a little maple syrup. For the freshest almond meal grind…


Satay Skewers with Homemade Satay Sauce

Your family and friends will love these Southeast Asian skewers of marinated grilled strips of meat, served with a fragrant spicy satay sauce and a simple refreshing cucumber salad.  So delicious and easy!  Any leftover satay sauce will keep refrigerated for up to 6 weeks in a glass jar, and can also be frozen.


Matcha Green Tea Panna Cotta

You will just love this gorgeously creamy panna cotta recipe, it is so simple to prepare and wonderful for serving to guests as it can be made in advance. Brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, Matcha green tea powder is a nutritional powerhouse, also a natural detoxifier, it calms and relaxes the body, as well as boosting the…


Slow-Cooked Beef Rendang Curry

Mouth-wateringly fragrant and flavoursome, you will feel like you are back on a gorgeous tropical holiday while eating this beautifully spiced curry. As with all slow-cooked dishes a cut of beef with some fat in it will produce a dish that is succulent, tender and delectable. Chuck, blade, topside or stewing or braising steak would…


Paleo Chocolate Coconut Cake

Featuring coconut, almonds, raw cacao powder and avocado this is an extremely healthy chocolate cake recipe: high in protein, antioxidants and super-good fats. It is free from grains, gluten and refined-sugar, and despite having three layers it is actually very simple and easy to make. It also tastes so amazingly delicious!