Our Community Support

At The Health Emporium, we believe in the importance of community and strongly feel that everybody has a place in this growing circle.

We are thrilled to announce that we have recently gotten together with our friends at the Wayside Chapel, “who have been providing unconditional love, care and support for people on and around our streets since 1964”. The vision of the Wayside Chapel is “Love over Hate” and their mission is “to create a community where there is no Us and Them”.

Wayside do such remarkable things for the community; creating not only a safe space but a place of connection, opportunity and growth. “In an average week, they provide 270 showers/ toiletries, 2434 low-cost meals, 330 changes of clothes and underwear, 124 instances of health accommodation or legal support” and this is all out of love, love for the entire circle.

However, with these numbers continually climbing, we are committed to assisting Wayside to ensure that this love and support keeps flowing and that these members of the community have access to these services.

We are helping the Bondi Wayside Community Centre down in Roscoe Street with weekly fresh produce deliveries and volunteer support for their breakfast preparation and service.

If you also would like to contribute a bit of love to our friends at Wayside why not buy a piece of organic fruit or something small to add to the love box at our front counter that we take down to our friends down at Wayside Bondi each week. We will keep you updated with how many kilograms of fresh produce are donated.

Written By Chelsea Hope, The Health Emporium Community and Sustainability Advocate