Cacao Raspberry Pavlova
There is no more delicious way to finish a meal in summertime than with a gorgeous pavlova.
Servings Prep Time
10Servings 2Hours
Servings Prep Time
10Servings 2Hours
  1. Preheat oven to 180C.
  2. Line two flat oven trays with baking paper and draw a 23-25cm circle on each piece of paper by tracing around a dinner plate.
  3. When separating the egg whites be very careful not to get even a tiny bit of yolk in with the whites, or they will not beat properly.
  4. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.
  5. Add the sugar one tablespoon at a time while beating until glossy and stiff. Be careful not to overbeat though or the mixture may start to separate.
  6. Sift in the cacao powder, and then gently stir through the vinegar and chocolate with a large metal spoon until thoroughly combined.
  7. Mound half the meringue onto each circle, carefully smoothing the sides and top.
  8. Place the trays in the oven, then immediately reduce the temperature to 140C. Cook for 1 hour to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Do not open the oven door during the cooking period.
  9. You will know when the pavlova is ready when it is crisp around the edges but still a little soft in the centre. Turn off the oven, open the door slightly, and let the pavlova completely cool inside.
  10. If using cream whip it until soft peaks form.
  11. To serve, place one meringue disk onto a serving plate, spread it with half the cream and raspberries. Carefully place the other pavlova on top, pile on the rest of the cream, scatter with the remaining raspberries, and decorate with grated chocolate.
Recipe Notes

*Don’t throw away the egg yolks.  They will keep in a covered container in the fridge for two days.  Use them to make mayonnaise, aioli, frittatas, omelettes, scrambled eggs, ice creams, or add them to smoothies.

**This recipe is inspired by a Nigella Lawson one.