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Started back in 1996, The Health Emporium is still a family owned and run local business with the aim of to providing as much variety and choice as possible for all things organic, wholesome and healthful. The Health Emporium offers organic fresh fruit and vegetables, an organic cafe/juice bar, natural cosmetics, vitamins & herbal supplements (including practitioner only products and in-store naturopaths), organic chicken and meats, wild-caught fish, sourdough breads, organic dairy products and cheeses, baby products, natural cleaning products, organic bone broths, fermented/probiotic foods, and a wide range of groceries and bulk foods.

Our cafe offers a large selection of locally famous superfood smoothies, classic fresh juices and nourishing hot bone broth. Choose from a carefully selected raw and sugar free sweet treats and cakes. Don’t forget Cocowhip, an organic coconut based vegan soft serve ice cream without all the nasties!

Health Emporium Bondi Beach
Recent Recipes

Vegan Chocolate Walnut Slice with Medicinal Mushrooms

Not only does this delicious slice have a supercharged boost from the addition of medicinal mushrooms, it has a beautifully creamy texture and gorgeous chocolatey flavour (that covers all of the mushroom taste). It takes only 15 minutes to prepare, is naturally sweetened, nourishing, gluten and grain free, raw and vegan. Use your favourite mushrooms…


Chicken with Chorizo, Tomato & Rosemary

Deliciously fragrant and so flavoursome, your friends and family will be asking for you to make this lovely Spanish casserole again and again. It is perfect for entertaining and also reheats very well. It is adapted from a wonderful recipe on a website called The Daley Plate.


Edamame Avocado & Mint Dip

Edamame & avocado are a delicious combination in this fresh & easy dip that takes only minutes to prepare. Serve with corn chips, crackers or sliced veggies, & spread the leftovers on a sandwich or add to a salad bowl the next day. It is also a great for school lunchboxes!

Recent Health Emporium News & Events

New In-Store: Kissed Earth

We are now proud stockists of Kissed Earth, a wellness range by the lovely Rachael Finch, who created this line of products due to her deep belief in the healing power of nature.  What we love most about this range (besides their gorgeous packaging!) is that they have truly set out to find some of the highest…


New To Our Shelves: Leif

The Health Emporium is now proud to stock the Australian owned & made Leif range of body washes & lotions, whose hypnotic smells have quickly seen them fly off our shelves; we can’t wait to expand their range in-store to include hair care and laundry products. Leif highlights native ingredients in their products, including Vitamin-C rich Kakadu…


We Are Mad For Medicinal Mushrooms!

Medicinal mushrooms are healing powerhouses. They have been used as a therapeutic tool by humans for thousands of years, all over the globe- mummies dating back 4,000 years have actually been found alongside medicine kits containing mushrooms. Mushies owe the vast amount of their therapeutic effect to their beta-glucan content. Beta glucans are a type…


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We are now stocking even more beautiful winter warmers from @madefor.mothers 🌿🍵
in addition to their herb-infused broths, we are now also carrying a chicken noodle soup with ginger & corn 🌽, a red-lentil & lemongrass Cleanse Soup, 🥣 a nutritive green soup, a chicken curry with cardamom and saffron and a pumpkin curry with 🥥 coconut, lime & cinnamon.
#thehealthemporium #organic #soup #curry #broth

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New recipe on our website perfect for chilly winter evenings - Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Casserole with Rosemary, Olives & Tomato. Recipe link in bio. ...

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Just a few reasons you should up ⬆️ your fibre intake: it promotes healthy bowel movements, regulates appetite & aids weight management, supports healthy blood sugar & insulin levels, can help to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, & can feed our ‘good’ gut bugs for a balanced microbiome
🥕SOLUBLE fibre attracts & dissolves in water, creating a gel-like substance; they are prebiotics, meaning they are fermented in the large intestine to feed our colonocytes & gut bugs (for example, slippery elm, psyllium husk, beans, lentils, oats, & some fruit & veg including apples)
🥝INSOLUBLE fibre is the basis of most fruit & veggies- it is essentially the ‘roughage’ that stays intact throughout the digestive system, promoting healthy bowel function (for example dark leafy greens, cauliflower, & carrots)
#organic #fibre #bondi #naturopath

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NEW PRODUCT 🌿nutrient-enhanced water @plantwater_au ...

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The perfect addition to your inner beauty routine! @rare_by_nature has created a beautiful marine collagen supplement that is wild-caught & sustainably sourced. For luscious hair, skin & nails 🌈🐟 ...

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Gonz is one of our wonderful produce managers, and he’s busy stocking the store up for the weekend! 🍊🍋🥑🥝🥕🌽 ...

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