Our Commitment to Sustainability

At The Health Emporium, we are motivated and determined to create a vibrant atmosphere for our community, providing high-quality organic produce and practising environmental sustainability that aims to look after each other and most importantly our planet.

We only have one planet and it is our job to be the change we want to see so together as a growing community what steps can we make together into being more sustainable for our future?

At the Health Emporium, we have made some changes to contribute into looking after our environment and giving back to both the community and the planet.

  • No to Plastic Bags: The Health Emporium says no to plastic bags. We believe it is our responsibility to start saying no and saying yes to making a difference. We offer options instead like boxes that our products come in for free or you can purchase a reusable paper bag or we love when our community bring their own bags ☺.
  • Go Bulk, Waste Less: We have a bulk section full of lovely organic products that you can purchase. We encourage you to bring your own bags/ jars/ containers so that your shopping is as waste-free as possible but if you forget we have jars you can purchase or bags/ containers you can use.
    We also use products from our bulk section for cleaning the store to reduce waste as much as possible.
  • Take Away or Having In: If you are taking away a juice, smoothie or coffee, our cups can be recycled and our straws are made from paper but we also offer glasses and metal straws if you wish to have your juice or smoothie in the store. We also give everyone who brings their own cup a 50 cent discount. ☺
  • Solar Panels: The Health Emporium is run off our 79 solar panels which is a renewable energy source that we believe in and have invested in. We generate on average 21.5KW of energy per day reducing our electricity consumption.☺
  • Don’t Panic, Think Organic: 100% of our fresh produce is certified organic with 99% grown in Australia. We believe supporting Australian farmers and small business is extremely important, keeping it as fresh and local as possible. Organics foods aren’t just good for us but their farming principles are less harmful and taxing on the planet. We’ve also eliminated cling wrap for our fresh produce and have switched to cellulose, plant-based wrapping.

We care about what our community has to say. If you have any suggestions for our we can grow into a more sustainable business we would love to hear from you.