The Health Emporium

Started back in 1996, as the name Emporium suggests as a retail concept to provide as much variety and choice as possible for all things organic. The Health Emporium offers complete health food shopping under one roof. Fresh organic fruit and vegetables, organic cafe & juice bar, cosmetics, vitamins & herbal supplements (including practitioner only products) organic meats, groceries & bulk foods. From local organically produced food to amazing organic products from around the world – whether you are following a gluten-free, vegan, raw food or a health conscious diet – The Health Emporium on Bondi Road offers the best organic and natural foods and supplements available. We provide only certified organic fresh fruit and vegetables (something we have believed in from day one), honey, dairy products, and bakery goods, grains beans nuts, dried fruit. As well as a delicious selection of frozen foods, quality frozen meats, dairy & non-dairy cheeses, fresh tofu and fresh organic juices.

For those who desire bulk foods, we offer bulk organic herbs, beans, grains, cereals, and body care supplies. Whether you are looking to pick up a quick lunch or do your weekly grocery shopping, The Health Emporium on Bondi Road has the organic, wholesome products that you are looking for.

Loyalty App now available. Earn one point for every dollar spent and simply redeem points of future purchases.

100 points equals $5 redemption.

Loyalty Customers will also be entitled to exclusive member only discounts on a wide range of specials across the store.

Please download our free app from your preferred app store.

Our Location

Address: 263 – 265 Bondi Road
Bondi NSW 2026
Call: 02 9365 6008

Health Emporium’s Core Values

The Health Emporium has established the following core values as our accepted principles or standards of behavior for our organization.

  • Trust: We act with integrity. We live up to our commitments, take responsibility and are consistent in word and action.
  • Open Communication: We interact with each other openly and directly. We facilitate discussion to ensure that everyone?s viewpoint is heard and treat every idea as worthy of consideration.
  • Teamwork: We focus on team goals and collaborate with each other to capture collective creativity, talent and energy. Each of us succeeds individually when we, as a team, achieve success.
  • Results-Driven: We place top priority on getting results. We convey a sense of urgency when appropriate and persist in the face of obstacles with a can-do spirit. We aggressively pursue new ideas and are determined to add value for our customers and other stakeholders through ingenuity and determination.
  • Passion for our Customers: We are a customer-driven company that views every single customer contact as an opportunity to enhance our relationship. We engage in fair and honest business practices and use impact on customers as the barometer in decision-making. We are an industry leader in total customer satisfaction. We value the trust our customers place in us to deliver the products and services that play a large role in every day life.
  • Mutual Respect: We create a respectful and meaningful workplace, characterised by honest, direct and relevant communication. We honor diversity and individuality as well as personal and professional differences.