Health Emporium Menu




    GF Precinct flat breads with avocado salad leaves, beetroot, carrot, sprouts and our house-made lemon, tahini & dill dressing. 3 varieties made fresh daily

  • Vegetarian $14.95
  • Turkey $16.95

    with free range turkey breast

  • Smoked Salmon $17.95

    with wild-caught salmon

  • Ham & cheese toastie $15.95

    gluten free bread, pastured ham, cheddar cheese, organic sauerkraut, organic mustard & butter

  • Vegetarian toastie $15.95

    gluten free charcoal bread, Sheep & goat feta, basil & pine nut pesto, organic spinach, organic zucchini & butter

  • Vegan toastie $15.95

    gluten free bread, vegan dill cashew cheese, vegan basil pesto, organic spinach & organic sauerkraut

  • Brown rice nori rolls $6.95

    4 vegan varieties made fresh daily. Pumpkin, avocado, Californian & teriyaki tofu. Served with organic tamari

  • Fresh spring rolls $5.95

    vegan rice paper wraps made fresh daily

  • Smashed avocado on gluten free toast $16.95

    with goat feta, mint & lemon

  • Organic beef sausage rolls, organic lamb sausage rolls & cheese & spinach rolls $4.50 - $6.99

    served with our house-made refined-sugar free tomato sauce

  • Gluten free vegetarian frittata $8.95

    filled with roasted vegetables

  • Vegan gluten free savoury slices & savoury muffins $8.95

    filled with sweet potato & zucchini

  • Gluten free vegetarian pizzas $8.95

    choose between spinach, pea & feta or Mediterranean

  • Toasted sourdough crumpets 2 for $12.95

    with butter & fresh peanut butter or organic honey


    We have a daily selection of over 40 delicious sweet options to choose from, including healthy cakes, slices, cookies, chocolates, brownies, protein balls & scrolls, most of which are gluten free, dairy free, refined-sugar free, vegan & paleo or keto.
    The most popular include:

  • Vegan cakes

    rich chocolate, nutella mud, lemon cheesecake, white chocolate raspberry, vanilla passionfruit, orange pistachio & caramel crumble

  • Loco love chocolates

    full range of organic vegan chocolates including all gift boxes

  • Coco whip

    healthy vegan coconut soft serve ice cream served with our house-made sauces


    Cold Drinks
    Super smoothies:

  • Green super goodness large only $16.95

    organic kale &/or spinach, organic spirulina, avocado, mango, organic coconut milk & organic honey

  • Nutella crunch large only $16.95

    organic cacao powder, fresh hazelnut butter, protein powder*, banana, organic cacao nibs & organic activated almond milk

  • Skin glowing large only $16.95

    collagen powder, organic coconut kefir, raspberries, strawberries, fresh almond butter, protein powder* & organic activated almond & coconut milk

  • Coco-nutty protein large only $16.95

    blueberries, avocado, organic coconut kefir, macadamias & organic coconut water Choc- berry collagen - collagen powder, organic cacao powder, raspberries, strawberries, fresh peanut butter, banana, protein powder*, organic cacao nibs & organic coconut milk

  • Matcha mint chip large only $16.95

    organic ceremonial grade matcha, organic spirulina, macadamias, banana, organic cacao nibs, organic coconut water & mint

  • Immunity boosting blue large only $16.95

    organic butterfly pea petals, blue spirulina, astragalus, organic elderberry, macadamias, ginger, banana, mint & organic coconut milk

  • Salted caramel protein large only $16.95

    protein powder*, organic beef broth cubes, organic add, banana, organic maca, organic Himalayan salt & organic coconut milk

  • Black sesame & toasted coconut large only $16.95

    organic black tahini, organic toasted coconut, protein powder*, blueberries, banana & organic coconut milk

  • Golden goodness large only $16.95

    organic turmeric, ginger, macadamias, banana, organic cinnamon & organic coconut milk

  • Super berry large only $16.95

    mixed berries, organic açai (no added sugar), fresh roasted cashew butter, organic maca, banana & organic coconut water

  • Ginger spice large only $16.95

    protein powder*, banana, macadamias, ginger, fragrant spice mix, organic cinnamon & organic coconut milk

  • Mushroom coffee large only $16.95

    medicinal mushrooms, espresso coffee, organic cacao powder, organic mesquite, protein powder*, banana, organic maca, organic cinnamon & organic coconut milk

  • Classic fruit smoothies regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    thick & creamy with organic yoghurt, honey & full cream milk.* Banana, blueberry, mango, strawberry or mixed berry

  • Detox regular $8.95 - large $10.95

    beetroot, carrot, celery, parsley, lemon & green apple

  • Tropical bliss regular $8.95 - large $10.95

    pineapple, orange & mint

  • Healing turmeric regular $8.95 - large $10.95

    turmeric, ginger, carrot & orange

  • Green alkalising regular $8.95 - large $10.95

    spinach, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon & green apple

  • Frozen Fruit Frappe regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    organic coconut water blended with frozen fruit. Blueberry, mango, strawberry or mixed berry

  • Iced coffee regular $6.95 - large $8.95

    single origin espresso with organic milk* over ice

  • Iced matcha coconut latte regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    organic ceremonial grade matcha with organic coconut milk & optional honey over ice

  • Iced mushroom cacao elixir regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    medicinal mushroom cacao blend with organic coconut milk & optional honey over ice

  • Coffee regular $4.95 - large $5.95

    proudly serving single-o coffee with organic milk* Decaf add 50c

  • Matcha coconut latte regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    organic ceremonial grade matcha with organic coconut milk & optional honey

  • Bulletproof coffee large only $8.95

    double shot single origin coffee blended with MCT oil, organic butter & organic cinnamon

  • Chai tea regular $5.95 - large $7.95 - pot $8.95

    made with Byron Bay loose leaf chai & organic milk*

  • Mushroom cacao elixir regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    medicinal mushroom cacao blend with organic coconut milk & optional honey

  • Golden turmeric elixir regular $7.95 - large $9.95

    organic turmeric spice blend with organic coconut milk & optional honey

  • Chicken bone broth regular $8.95 - large $14.95


  • Flu fighting elixir large only $9.95

    a hot strong tonic of fresh lemon, ginger, turmeric & optional honey

*Add $1 for alternative milks

*Choose between vegan protein powder or grass fed whey protein powder

We use organic Pureharvest coconut milk, organic    Bonsoy soy milk, organic Nutty Bruce unsweetened almond milk, OMG oat milk & Norco organic full cream milk.